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Tax Debt Resolution Attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah

Are you struggling with tax debt in Utah or any part of the United States? Tax debt can be both an economic and emotional burden for you and your family. Understanding your options and seeking professional help can make a significant difference in effectively resolving your tax debt—and preventing future issues.  

Our tax debt resolution attorney at Common Law PC is committed to helping individuals and businesses confront their tax obligations head-on. We understand the stress and challenges that come with tax debt, and we're here to offer our experienced guidance and support.  

From negotiating with the IRS to settling your tax debt for less than the full amount owed, we explore every avenue to find the best possible outcome for you. Reach out today to start strategizing.  

Our Tax Debt Resolution Services 

At Common Law PC, we offer comprehensive tax debt resolution services designed to address a range of tax debt issues, including: 

  • IRS Tax Debt Settlements: We negotiate with the IRS to settle your tax debt for a fraction of what you owe. 

  • Installment Agreements: We help you arrange a manageable payment plan with the IRS, spreading your tax debt over time. 

  • Offer in Compromise: We work on your behalf to propose a settlement to the IRS that’s less than the total amount owed, based on your ability to pay. 

  • Penalty Abatements: We assist in reducing or eliminating tax penalties, making it easier for you to resolve your tax debt. 

  • Innocent Spouse Relief: We advocate for spouses who were unfairly held responsible for tax debt due to their partner's actions. 

Understanding Workouts 

While researching ways to resolve your tax debt, you may have come across the term "workout." In the realm of tax debt resolution, "workouts" refers to negotiated agreements between taxpayers and the IRS or other tax authorities to settle tax debts for less than the full amount owed or to arrange a payment plan that's manageable for the taxpayer.  

These workouts can take various forms, including offers in compromise, installment agreements, or penalty abatements. The primary goal of a workout is to find a feasible solution for both the taxpayer and the taxing authority, allowing the taxpayer to become compliant with their tax obligations while also considering their financial situation.  

Workouts are a critical component of our tax debt resolution services, offering a lifeline to those overwhelmed by tax debt by providing a structured path toward settling outstanding liabilities. 

Our skilled team at Common Law PC excels in crafting personalized workout solutions, aiming for the most favorable outcome possible. 

Pursue Your Best Solution


Why Choose Common Law PC for Tax Debt Resolution? 

Choosing Common Law PC means you're not facing your tax debt alone.  

Our approach to providing efficient service is centered on prioritizing your needs and streamlining the tax resolution process for swift action. We understand the urgency that tax debt issues impose on individuals and businesses alike.  

That's why our tax lawyer is dedicated to working diligently, ensuring that every step taken is aimed at accelerating the resolution while maintaining thoroughness and attention to detail to safeguard your interests. 

We're also committed to delivering exceptional support backed by years of experience. Our depth of experience means that we're well-equipped to handle a wide variety of tax debt cases, offering support that's not just professional but also empathetic and personalized to your unique situation.  

Our team also stays updated on the latest changes in tax laws, ensuring that you receive top-notch guidance and support throughout the process. 

Finally, our focus on effective solutions is what truly sets us apart. We're not here to just provide quick, Band-Aid-esque fixes; we're here to find the right solutions that offer long-term benefits for you.  

Whether it's negotiating a compromise that significantly reduces your tax debt or setting up a manageable payment plan, our goal is to resolve your tax issues in a way that puts you on a solid path forward, financially and emotionally. Through strategic planning and negotiation, we strive to minimize your liabilities and maximize your peace of mind. 

Start Your Journey to Tax Debt Resolution 

If you’re dealing with tax debt, it’s important to act quickly to explore your options and minimize additional penalties and interest.  

Contacting Common Law PC is the first step to resolving your tax debt issues. Here’s an overview of our process: 

  1. Initial Consultation: Schedule a complimentary consultation with our experienced tax debt resolution attorney to discuss your specific tax situation. During this meeting, we’ll listen to your situation to gain a full understanding of your tax debt issues and provide initial insights into potential strategies for moving forward. 

  1. Assessment and Document Collection: Next, we'll conduct a thorough assessment of your financial situation and gather all necessary documentation related to your tax debt. This includes previous tax returns, correspondence with the IRS, and any other relevant financial documents. 

  1. Strategy Development: Based on our assessment, we'll develop a personalized tax resolution strategy tailored to your individual needs. This strategy may include negotiating an installment agreement, submitting an offer in compromise, or pursuing other tax relief options. 

  1. Negotiations With the IRS: Our lawyer will directly engage with the IRS on your behalf. We'll handle all communications and negotiations, aiming to reach an agreement that significantly reduces your tax debt or creates a manageable payment plan. 

  1. Resolution and Compliance: Once a resolution has been reached, we’ll guide you through the process of fulfilling your end of the agreement, ensuring that you understand your obligations and remain in compliance with tax laws moving forward. 

  1. Ongoing Support: Common Law PC is committed to providing ongoing support even after your tax debt is resolved. We offer advice on staying tax-compliant and can assist with any future tax-related issues. 

Common Law PC is here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can assist you in resolving your tax debt. 

Tax Debt Resolution Attorney Serving Salt Lake City, Utah 

Don't let tax debt derail your life. Reach out to Common Law PC for dedicated and compassionate legal assistance. Our tax debt resolution services are designed to provide relief and create a clear path forward. Our experienced tax law attorney proudly serves clients across Salt Lake City, St. George, Ogden, Provo, and Park City, Utah.