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Collections and Workouts
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If you or your business owes money to the IRS or other tax agency, you could be subject to the many ways in which they can collect that money from you, including liens, levies, garnishments, and more. This could result in money being withdrawn from your bank account, paychecks, accounts receivables, and other types of assets. Your credit history can also be damaged as a result.

An experienced tax attorney can help avoid these unpleasant collections actions and work with you to structure a payment plan or other resolution of the liability.

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Levies, Liens, and Garnishments

A levy is a legal seizure of your assets to satisfy a debt or tax liability. A lien is a legal claim against your assets as a payment of the debt or tax liability, generally filed in public records. Garnishment is where money owed to you, such as wages, is instead paid directly to the tax agency. It can be extremely disruptive to get a levy, lien, or garnishment on your assets. However, an experienced tax lawyer can offer you options. It might be possible to negotiate a repayment plan or a one-time offer in compromise.

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